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NO ONLINE SALE. Please call or e-mail or place your order. Shipping and curb-side delivery is available. 


Keeping up with the times, we focus on making face masks. Color and tie vs elastic all depends on what is available. 

We are currently offering 1 style that come in a one-size-fits-all adult size or one-size-fits-all child size. The masks are washable, reusable and eco-friendly!

 Total of 3 layers of cotton/polyester $10.00 per mask. See photo below. 


Bulk Orders: 

20  =  $160.00 ($8.00 each) 

50 = $350.00 ($7.00 each) 

NOTE: These do NOT have medical-grade filtration, but they are recommended for those not working directly with patients.  Our specific material, color, print is based on what is available to us and we have in stock at the time you order your mask.  If you need the specifics we are happy to provide them when you order the mask since our inventory is changing.  We strive to keep the best quality materials/thread count in our mask. 

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