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Competition Training  

Specializing in coaching new teams for ultra Marathon Canoe Racing 

1st Year Student Accomplishments for the Texas Water Safari 
2023: 1st & 2nd place Novice
2022: 1st place Novice
2021:  1st, 2nd &  3rd place Novice
2020:  No race due to Covid-19
2019: 2nd & 3rd place Novice
2018:  1st, 2nd & 3rd place Novice 
2017: 1st place Novice 
2016: 1st & 3rd place Novice 

Even if you have zero experience, or years of experience, we can help you fine-tune your technique to improve your speed. 


We try to avoid the "blanket approach" because we want you as an individual to get the most of each class. Classes are kept small to ensure everyone will receive quality instruction with one-on-one coaching.  All are strongly encouraged to begin with the Crash Course or a private lesson on flat water prior to the down river classes.


Note: Paddling gear and park entry are not included in the price for each class unless otherwise noted. 

Crash Course/Intro to Racing

Skill Level: All
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Staples

You will receive instruction on flat water to create a good paddling foundation by establishing proper technique and teamwork. Both new and experienced paddlers are encouraged to take this course prior to any of the Down River Classes.

  • Basic water safety

  • Boat & paddle design

  • Discussing gear

  • Boat rigging

  • Trip planning

  • Bow & stern responsibilities

  • Entering a canoe/kayak

  • Trimming the canoe/kayak

  • Basic strokes: Forward, Draw, Sweep, Cross bow

  • Switching sides (Hut)

  • Basics of steering and being a team

  • Practice flat water paddling

  • Optional rescue technique

Introduction to River Paddling

Skill Level: All
Duration: 3 hours
Location: Staples


This class will get you going with everything you need to know to be comfortable on gentle moving water. Learn how to “read the river” and understand why your canoe turns around backward on some corners and not others.

  • Paddling environment

  • Introduction to river reading

  • Learn and practice basic river maneuvers

    • Eddy turn

    • Peel out

    • S turn

    • Up stream ferry

  • Optional rescue technique

Down River Class I 

Efficient portaging 

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Duration: 4 hours, 4-6 miles
Location: San Marcos River City Park - 
San Marcos River Retreat 

In this class, you will work on reading the river mixed with a little flat water paddling. We will also spend time looking at various options on how to safely portage the dams.

  • Understanding basic river currents & terminology

  • Making the most of your strokes

  • Setting up for turns & obstacles

  • Portaging river obstacles

Down River Class II

Skill Level: Intermediate

Duration: 4 hours, 5-8 miles

Location: San Marcos River 

In this intermediate-advanced friendly class, we will paddle down a slightly more technical section of the river with more sweepers than we do in the Down River I Course. While working on a technique , you will learn how to paddle down the river using the current to help you while avoiding obstacles (like overhanging trees) in the river.

  • Understanding basic river currents & terminology

  • Making the most of your strokes

  • Setting up for turns & obstacles

  • Portaging river obstacles

Private Lessons

Private Rates

$100.00 per hour (Solo)
$150.00 per hour (Tandem team)

Marathon Private River Run

$375.00  (Solo or Tandem) 

If you are training for a marathon canoe race, I offer a flat rate for half or full day lesson. Based on previous lessons we will choose a 12-35 mile section of the race course and paddle it together. 


Helpful Links & Videos 

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