Rental & Guided Tours

Our fellow company, Texas Canoes and Kayaks, is taking over all recreational rentals & guided tours. Please visit their web page for all recreational rentals and guided trips.  Rates are $45.00-$79.00 per day.  Must RSVP.


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Rent For The Season 

We offer a unique seasonal rental program for those training for ultra marathon canoe races. You are given the opportunity to keep the boat for several months to allow for proper training for your race. 

Rental Rates

The rates below for seasonal rentals are based on a three-month rental period. Each additional month is $150.00 for solo/tandem, or $300.00 for multi-man boats. All canoes are rigged with slider seats, foot braces, jug foam, and full spray cover.


Aluminum Voyager 

USCA C2 Wenonah 

USCA C1 J190

Spencer Patriot 

Spencer 3 Man 

Spencer 4 Man 


Rain maker 5 man 

Rental Fee








Deposit Fee










Replacement Value








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