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& American Canoe Association  Courses 

We offer several classes designed by the American Canoe Association (ACA) which is nationally recognized as the gold standard for paddle sports. Our courses will equip you to learn the basics, become a better paddler and/or paddle sports instructor. Let us help you achieve your goals.

Getting Started 

Quick Start 

Skill Level: All
Duration: 2-3 hours
Cost: $85.00
Location: Staples

You will receive instruction on flat water to create a good paddling foundation by establishing proper technique and teamwork. Both new and experienced paddlers are encouraged to take the course prior to an other class.

  • Basic water safety

  • Boat & paddle design

  • Discussing gear

  • Boat rigging

  • Bow & stern responsibilities

  • Entering a canoe/kayak

  • Trimming the canoe/kayak

  • Basic strokes: Forward, Draw, Sweep, Cross bow

  • Switching sides (Hut)

  • Basics of steering and being a team

  • Practice flat water paddling

  • Optional rescue technique

Introduction to River Paddling

Skill Level: All
Duration: 3 hours
Location: San Marcos River 

This class will get you going with everything you need to know to be comfortable on gentle moving water. Learn how to “read the river” and understand why your canoe turns around backward on some corners and not others.

  • Paddling environment

  • Introduction to river reading

  • Learn and practice basic river maneuvers

    • Eddy turn

    • Peel out

    • S turn

    • Up stream ferry

Certification & Assessments 
American Canoe Association 

If you work with canoes and kayaks it is important to have proper training and creditably. Paddle With Style is proud to have held courses for various individuals and organizations including, Texas Parks & Wildlife,  REI, USGS, Boy/Girl Scout, and many others.  

We do travel to host instructor workshops. Please call to discuss. 

Instructor Certification Workshops

* Instructor Development Workshop (IDW)

* Instructor Certification Exam (ICE)

* Instructor Certification Workshop (ICW)

If you are wanting to be an instructor this is for you!

Canoe or Kayak Level 1

Duration: 16 hours minimum 

Cost: $300.00

Location:  Varies 

Canoe or Kayak Level 2

Duration: 24 hours minimum 

Cost: $395.00

Location: Varies 



A great way to earn credibility without becoming an instructor.


Canoe & Kayak 

Level 1

Level 2



- Updates

- Completion 

- Call to discuss all other options and rates 

Private Lessons

Private Rates

$100.00 per hour (Solo)
$150.00 per hour (Tandem team)

Group Instruction   


Lead by Certified ACA Instructor.

We keep the Instructor to Student ratio small to ensure quality instruction. 

 For youth & scout groups, I offer a large discount on free boat rentals through Texas Canoes & Kayaks for the duration of the course


2-3 hours: $85.00 per person

4-6 hours: $150.00 per person

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